Gladys Guy-Harper


June 17, 1896 - November 30, 1991

Wheatland Cemetery!

 Gladys Harper headstone


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Gladys Guy Harper

Gladys Guy-Harper was the second child of John Welcome and Alice (Dell) Myers.  Gladys married Estel Harper. After Estel's untimely death, Gladys raised their children by herself.  She was a lifetime member of the Wheatland Church of Christ where she taught Sunday School, part of the Missionary Society, and played the piano for the Sunday night church service and on other special occasions. She was known as the best cook in Remus. She worked her adult life for Campbell's Restaurant in Remus, MI. Her pies were coined the "best in Mecosta County." Aunt Gladys does not have a headstone. Today she would be called a tireless, strong African-American woman. We would like to start the Gladys Harper Foundation to raise money for her headstone. The headstone was installed 18 years after her passing.



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The grave is located on the northeast side of Wheatland Cemetery. On Memorial weekend, please visit the site to see how nice the gravestone looks.

The double gravestone is gray granite "Gray Grass." It lays flat on the ground and is 4 ft X 1 ft x 6 ft.



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 Jim Guy  Elijah Guy
 Samuel Lett  Aquilla Lett
John Nelson Stephen Todd
Eldridge Flowers Louis Gross
Harrison Harding Dr. David Wilson Cousins
Benjamin Guy Elisha Reed
Isaac Cook John Nelson
Thomas Harris, Jr. Ezekiel Harris
Henry Thompson Charles Lett
James Porter  


African-Americans fought in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War. Before the Civil War was over 180,000 Black soldiers fought with the Union, and another 10,000 served in the US Navy. African American's played a heroic and largely unknown struggle for freedom in the "War between the States." Black soldiers received one-half the pay rate of White soldiers.


Jim Guy fought in the War of 1812


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James Guy, assignee of Mary Robinson, widow of Simon Robinson, Private served as Simon Robertson, Captain Thorp's Company, 35 Regiment, USbazelnorman.jpg Infantry, War of 1812.

Benjamin F. Guy (March 11, 1840 – February 3, 1870) was born on a farm in Meigs Township, Muskingum County, Ohio.  On August 31, 1864 Elijah and his brother Benjamin F. Guy age 27, enlisted as Privates in Co. 1, 102nd USCT Volunteer Infantry in Grand Rapids.  During the one-year he served, Elijah contracted consumption and rheumatic fever.  Elijah and Benjamin were both mustered out on September 10, 1865 at Charleston, SC.  They were paid and discharged in Detroit on October 17, 1865.




June  10, 2006 Headstone Dedication Ceremony - Mt. Hope Cemetery - Lansing, MI - Jessie LaSorda - Organizer


           Pvt. Elijah H. Guy was born the fifth child of Lloyd and Margaret Guy on March 11, 1840 on a farm in Meigs Township, Muskingum County, Ohio; a free man. Pvt. Elijah H. Guy's Dedication Ceremony.  102nd United States Colored Troops. Co. 1 - Headstone Dedication Service - Maple Ridge Cemetery - Vickeryville, MI September 17, 2005.  Presented by: The General John A. Logan Camp No. 1 - Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War - Champlain Corps No. 41 - Woman's Relief Corps & - Eva Gray Tent No. 2, Daughters of Union Veterans.




At age 22, he married Rebecca H. Norman on October 31, 1862. In 1862 Elijah purchased a 40 acre farm in Bushnell Twp., Montcalm County, from his oldest brother Moses. His parents and siblings had moved from Ohio to Sodus Twp., Berrien County, Michigan in the late 1850's. They later purchased several acres of farmland in Bushnell in 1862 and became the first Black family in the area.

Elijah and Rebecca's only son Clifford was born August 5, 1863. On August 31, 1864 Elijah and his brother Benjamin F. Guy age 27, enlisted as Privates in Co. 1, 102nd USCT Volunteer Infantry in Grand Rapids. During the one-year he served, Elijah contracted consumption and rheumatic fever. Elijah and Benjamin were both mustered out on September 10, 1865 at Charleston, SC. they were paid and discharged in Detroit on October 17, 1865. After his discharge, Elijah returned home to his family and continued farming for the next five years. Due to conditions he suffered in the war his health failed; he died on February 3, 1870 at the age of 29 years and 23 days.


On June 22, 1863, at the age of 37, Thomas Cross enlisted into the Army in Athens, OH.  He spent three years with the Wager Co. 5 Reg. US Colored Infantry of the Civil War.  He served with the Ambulance Detail in Virginia and the Carolinas.  He mustered out of the Army on September 20, 1865, and returned to Ohio.


Samuel Lett’s (1839 – 1903) parents were Elijah Lett and Susan Stevens. Samuel was born in Morgan County, Ohio, and later served in the Civil War, enlisting from Grand Rapids, Michigan, August 31, 1864.  Samuel served in Company G, 102nd USCT.  He mustered out in Charleston, SC September 30, 1865. 


samuellettcivilwarSamuel Lett

Presented by:

The General John A. Logan Camp No. 1

Sons of Union Veterans of The Civil War - With Assistance from: Champlin Corps No. 41

Woman's Relief Corps & Eva Gray Tent No. 2

Daughters of Union Veterans


Aquilla Lett

Aquilla Lett (Jan 12, 1829 - Feb 20, 1903) was a volunteer in the Union Army, 1864-1865 in the 13th Michigan Infantry. 


harveHorace Norman


Horace Norman was born in Ohio in 1843 and died in the Civil War on April 24, 1865.  He was in Co. D, 5th, USCT, corporal and is buried in Hampton, VA, interred in the National Cemetery, Row 8, Section F, Grave No. 44. He was appointed corporal October 1, 1863.  His brother William shown above also served in the 5th Regiment.

 ReedcivilwarElisha Reed


Elisha Reed enlisted in the army on January 30, 1865, and was discharged in New York City, September 9, 1865.  He was born in Canada.




John Nelson enlisted in the US Army in March 1865.  He was inducted at Lockport, NY, USCT, Co. C and sent to Massachusetts.  He was discharged at Wilmington, NC in April 1865 for medical reasons.


Stephen Todd was born in 1826 and enlisted in the US Army on September 22, 1862. He was 38 years old and served in the 8th Regiment, US Colored Infantry as a substitute for Andrew J. Huff of Washington Township, Marion County, IN.  Stephen enlisted for three years was mustered out May 19, 1865 in Indianapolis, IN.  

Old Settlers and sons of Michigan Pioneers who served in the Civil War. Among them were: Thomas W. Cross, Louis Gross, Benjamin F. Guy, Elijah Guy, Ezekiel Harris, Isaac Cook, Eldridge Flowers, Harrison Harding, Thomas Harris, Jr., Charles Lett, Samuel Lett, John Nelson, Grandison Norman, Horace Norman, William Norman, Henry Thompson, James Porter, Elisha Reed, Rev. Mortimer and Stephen Todd. If there are accounts of their enlistment, it is outlined here.




Other Old Settlers who served in the Civil War


Cook, Isaac - (Spent 5 months in the notorious Anderson Prison) - 83rd Infantry OH Sept. 1862



Eldridge Flowers

Flowers, Eldridge - Blinded by gunpowder -  5th Regiment Mustered in Nov. 1863

 LouisGross copy


Louis Gross

Gross, Louis - 108th Infantry Aug. 1862


Harding, Harrison

 100 1757

81St Regiment OH Mustered in Nov. 1863

Dr. David Wilsom Cousins - Memorial & Civil War Dedication Ceremony

July 30, 2016 Down Cemetery, Grand Traverse County, Michigan

Shelley Murphy - Descendant (History)

Pictures Courtesy of Shelley & Toddy Murphy

The Musical Opening was provided by the Grand Traverse Pipes and Drums.  The family present placed the flowers.  Calvin (Toddy) Murphy, Shelley Murphy, Carol Norman, Deonna Green, Diana Green & Marsha Sanders. A poem was ready by James Ribby, Camp No. 14, and the Dedication Service was given by the Robert Finch Camp No. 14  TAPS by Thelma Paul, Buglers Across America.


 Shelley Murphy - History


Dedication of Headstone - Robert Finch Camp No. 14, SUVCW


Civil War Reenactors


Deonna Green, Diana Green, Marsha Sanders (Descendants)

First Colored

Harris, Thomas, Jr. - 5th Regiment Mustered in Nov. 1863

Harris, Ezekiel - 102nd Regiment

Lett, Charles - 5th Regiment Mustered in Nov. 1863

Porter, James - 109th USCT Infantry

Thompson, Henry - 5th Regiment Mustered in Nov. 1863






Annual Square Dance

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Remus Town Hall

Tell One - Tell All!

Where: Remus Township Hall

Remus, Michigan

Time: 5 p.m. - Midnight
Cost: Dish to Pass


Caller: To Be Announced

It's your night out!

Bring a dish to pass!

 Meat, Bread, Punch, Plates, etc. will be furnished


Music: Square Dance, Round Dance, Doo Wap, & Rock 'n Roll


Given by:  The Gang




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US Attorney - Patrick Miles, Jr.


The Detroit Free Press Newspaper Published the following article:






Pat Miles and Barack

Patrick Miles, Jr. took the oath of office July 9, 2012, as the US Attorney for the Western District of Michigan, which consists of 49 counties, including all of the Upper Peninsula.

The 44-year-old Grand Rapids lawyer was nominated by President Barack Obama and recently confirmed by the US Senate.

A White House Appointee has not led the US Attorney's Office in Western Michigan for more than five years. Obama first nominated Michigan Attorney Chief M. Scott Brown for US Attorney, but the Senate never acted and Bowen remains in state government. The office has been in the hands of Don Davis since fall 2008.

Patrick Miles, Jr. is the great nephew to Pastor Arthur and Fern (Johnson) Cross. Pastor Arthur Cross was one of the three founders of the Old Settlers Picnic. Patrick is the son of Patrick Sr. and Shirley (Cross) Miles of Grand Rapids, MI. His sister Angela Miles resides in Chicago.

We are very proud of this "OUTSTANDING US ATTORNEY" who is also an "Old Settler!" Our roots run DEEP!




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