2021 Old Settlers Reunion

87th Reunion (86th Did Not Happen)

(August 21, 2021) 

 Old Settler Family & Friends

Kelar Newsome-Shelby, Carol Norman, Diana Green, Marsha Sanders

Robert Shelby - Master of Ceremonies (Detroit Group)

Gary Green - Minister of Wheatland Church of Christ Presents Memorial for Old Settlers who passed away over the 2 years.

Toddy Murphy, Mike Burns, Jeff Burns

Phillip Sherrill Family & Friends

Dr. Pam (Berry) Williams, Rene Read, Dr. Ashley Berry, Teresa Branson,

Damion Payne

 Hanker Todd, Connie Cole-Todd-Tyon, TJ Todd

 Old Settler Family and Friends

 Old Settler Family & Friends

 J. Andrew & Dayna Smedley - Thomas Family

 Old Settler Family & Friends