Pictures: Courtesy of Diana (Todd) Green, Hugh Dye, and Teresa O'Riley-McCrosky

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Mt. Hope Cemetery - Section 2 - West Main St., Morton Township, Mecosta, MI


Norman-Cummings Cemetery - Section 35 - 6 Mile Rd., Wheatland Township Remus, MI


 Dye Cemetery
February 23, 1877 - Deed Recorded - October 3, 1877
Section 30 - Arthur Rd., Sheridan Township Mecosta, MI


 Morton Cemetery
Section 25 - 70th Ave., Morton Township - Mecosta, MI


10th Avenue, Blanchard, Michigan. This cemetery is in Millbrook Township, Section 12, Mecosta County, MI


 Wamboldt Cemetery
Section 28 - Wheatland Township - M66 - Remus, MI

Lett 122002

Lett 122005

 Lett Cemetery
Lett Rd, W. Side - 12 miles S of Pipestone Rd, Berrien County - Sodus, MI


 Pine River Cemetery - Established 1867(Also known as Rolland Township): Blanchard Rd. between Coldwater and Brinton Rds., Rolland Township - Isabella Co., MI


Federally Recognized:  Listed on Federal Register for Sites 100+ Years Old

Morgan West Wheatland Cemetery -(Warranty Deed November 4, 1896)- Recorded May 28, 1910 - Section 7 - 55th Ave., Wheatland Township - Remus, MI


Morris Dye Family (1870)- Dye Family buried in Dye Cemetery
Cynthia, Morris, Dye Mother and Father
Children: Arthur, Ralph, William, Jacob, Amos, Mary Jane, Anna Lee, Susan, John, Morris & Ray

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