80th Old Settler Reunion

Mama Flag 

80th Old Settler Reunion - August 16, 2014

Ione Todd, Angela Miles, Diana Green (Commemorative Flag Retirement)

(Pictures Courtesy of:  Nanette Williams-Armstrong, Tammie Loving-Truth Kemp,

Carol Norman)

The Old Settlers Reunion commenced at 12:00 p.m. with a scripture reading by Barbra Norman-Singleton.  Blake Cross had a musical selection jst before dinner.  Angela Miles welcomed the group as the program started at 1 p.m.  Following is the program for the day:



Commemorative 80th Reunion Blanket for Sale



Ione Todd, Angela Miles, Diana Green (Commemorative Flag Retirement)
Attendance for the 80th Reunion exceeded last year.


Pat Miles and Angela Miles


Tera Green, Diana Green, Ione Todd, Angela Miles


Shirley Cross-Miles, Angela Miles, Marybelle Guy - Memorial for Old Settlers who passed away



New Commemorative Flag (Created by Deonna Green)


80 Years (The Picnic) - Lois Cross-Hart

Cumulus clouds in August run a race with time-

A hurry no-one understands, not least of all the pines

The placid lake still dreams away

Like eighty years ago,

The ebb and flow, a constant

From nineteen thirty four,

The generations trickle back;

Those old familiar names-

Younger now, yet old, somehow,

Like life's memorial page.

A distant echo sending back the sound of yesterday,

Reverberating, intimate, a voice of utter brave-

Stalwart strength for future years

To those who must survive.

Dream-weavers dream, visionaries' see-

Beyond what is and what can be.

Beyond the yoke the oxen wore,

Beyond the split log cabin floor,

Beyond un-furrowed virgin sod,

Into the very hear of God.

Honor can, honor them,

those who kept the charge.

And so today we celebrate

Those pioneers of yesterday;

Their legacy, posterity,

Heritage left for you and me

The faith that held through northern storms,

The strength it took to carry on.

Their spirit lives in this place,

And shines afresh on ever, face-

Our ancestor's grace.