Michael, Eliza, Joseph Dow & Marcus Norman

Pictures Courtesy of Dorothy Harris-Allen, Steven M. Cross and Ken Todd, Gayle Houghton, Maisie Jordan, Amity Jordan, and Rachael Moore


Born 1838

Michael son of George & Mary (Stevens) Norman, brother of Eliza, Joseph Dow and Marcus. Michael married Cora Stevens. They had no children. He later married Elizabeth Hamsbury-Nickles. To this union six children were born, Mary Ellen, George Henry, Marinda, John, Alonzo, and James.



Born 1848

First Marriage to Marcellus Larry Hackley

Eliza is the daughter of George & Mary (Stevens) Norman, sister to Michael, Joseph Dow, and Marcus. Eliza Norman married Marcellus Larry Hackley. Marcellus was a barber. To this union seven children were born, Ora Belle, Ret, George, Nancy, Effie Mae, James, and Gustave.


Born 1851

First Marriage to Seville Harper

Joseph Dow Norman the son of George and Mary (Stevens) Norman, brother to Michael, Eliza, and Marcus. He married Seville Harper. Seville is the daughter of John Harper and Elizabeth McKee. To this union three sons were born, George Edward, John, and William. He later married Mary Thompson Harding. They had three daughters, Emma, Mary (Molly), and Lucinda.


Born 1851

(Second Marriage to Mary Harding-Thompson)

JOSEPH DOW Norman son of George and Mary (Stevens) Norman married Mary Harding Thompson. Mary was born in 1849. She is the daughter of John Harding and Malina Lett. (Mary was a first cousin to Warren Harding's father George Tyron Harding, the 29th President of the United States). Mary is the former wife of George Thompson and the mother of Minnie and Permila (Tess) Thompson. Joseph Dow Norman has three sons, George, John, and William from a previous marriage. To the union of Joseph Dow and Mary (Harding-Thompson) three daughters were born, Emma, Mary (Molly), and Lucinda.


Born 1854

Marcus is the son of George & Mary (Stevens) Norman, the brother of Michael, Eliza, and Joseph Dow. Marcus married Harriette Flowers. To this union four children were born, Celestine, Andrew, John, and Gale.

Second Marriage to Martha Anderson-Taylor

Marcus son of George and Mary Stevens Norman later married Martha (Anderson-Taylor) in 1922. Martha is the daughter of John Anderson and Elizabeth Table. No children.


Joseph Dow & Marcus Norman



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